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The Program

It’s important to understand that we never charge for anything we offer but we only work with very dedicated, serious individuals who are willing learn the skills necessary to succeed as a director and work to build a portfolio of professional films that they can use to promote their career.   Of course you must  have the time to train and shoot films to be considered. 

Who Has Creative Control

Once a director is fully trained and starts directing his/her own feature film projects he/she will have near complete creative control of the film.  One of our producers will have to approve certain aspects such as the nature of the script.

  • Director selects or writes the film (must be approved by our producer before pre-production starts) our producer will look at the script to make sure it is commercially viable, is low cost, and can be cast.  Our writers must be considered first in the selection of a script unless the director is also the writer.
  • Director casts the film giving preference to our sister company actors at ActingFree.com but if a role can not be filled then the director may hold open auditions or auditions by invitation.  If an audition is necessary One of our producers will place ads on all the professional actor referral sites such as Backstage and Actors Access.  Director may not cast him/herself in a film he/she is directing.
  • Director does all pre-production planning including script breakdowns, storyboards, location scouting, assigning or finding crew, etc.
  • Director schedules his/her shoot but schedule must be compatible with any other film shot at the same time.  So if a director decides to shoot on Saturdays and Sundays no other director may shoot on those days until the film wraps but could schedule a film on any other days.
  • Director participates in all contract issues with actors, crew, and a representative from directormakers.com
  • Director participates in all marketing discussions and planning.

What Type Of Movie Do We Make

We only shoot feature films reasonably written and shot to receive a G, PG, PG13, or R rating from the Motion Picture Associate of America (MPAA).  We do not get involved with MA or other adult rated films.  Our films are always calculated to be commercially viable.  Commercially viable means no political or biased agendas, no documentaries, music videos, or other no theatrical type productions.   We shoot low budget but professionally shot, written, and performed films so that the finished project can go to market and make money for all involved.   We use the actors in our sister program “ActingFree.com” who are committed, have the time, and are always training.  If a role can not be filled from within our program an audition may be held.

We Shoot Two Days A Week

Las Vegas is a very difficult town to schedule a shoot because of many factors not the least of which is the schedules of the actors and filmmakers.  We have designed a program that includes limiting the shoots for any one film to two days a week.  So directors must have two full days a week available to shoot.  We also limit any single actor to six hours a day but the length of day may go as long as the director can schedule.  Shoot schedules are set by the director but that director has to take into consideration that certain actors they may want to cast will not be available on the days the director has selected.  Most film shoots take 2-3 months to complete and average 22-26 shoot days in total.  Scripts must also be secured or written that can be shot given this schedule.  That often means no more than 3-4 actors in any one scene and no more than 10-12 actors total in any one movie.   The scripts are written to accommodate the schedules of the various actors which are available to all directors and writers.

Training Is Constant

Training takes place on and off the set.  The more time you have the quicker you will be given full creative control of the films you work on as a director.  You start out as an assistant director and are trained as reasonably fast as your schedule allows.

What Type Of Equipment Do We Shoot With

We use professional P2 digital cameras but not DSLR cameras. Our cameras provide very high quality footage as well as sound.  They are equipped to store footage on micro as well a full sized P2s and have many codecs to choose from.  We use professional lighting equipment, sound equipment, grip gear, etc.  We also have a well equipped editing bay.

Who Owns Our films

All profits ever generated by any film are dispersed to all cast and crew on any film based on a contract established by the cast and crew before the film starts.  Directors are always guaranteed no less than 30 percent ownership in any profits generated.

How Are Our Films Distributed

Most independent film companies live in a sort of “Never Never Land”.  They are convinced there films are going to get theatrical release.  Let’s be honest.  Every week 3-7 new feature films are released to the professional theatres.  Multiply that by 52 and even at the high end you average less than 400 films a year.  There are hundreds of thousands of films seeking theatrical distribution every year so to say you are confident you will get primary theatrical distribution is more than just optimistic it is a bold face lie.  We do, however, live in a time when distribution is moving away from the theatres and TV and moving to other platforms that give all films many more opportunities and we look at everyone of them for every film.  Our goal is to make money on our films not just say we made them.  So we consider foreign markets, big box, direct distribution, Netflix, Youtube, Prime, and many more options for every film.  We do, however, make sure that are films are shot to go to the big screen.  This is not the case with many producers who really don’t understand the industry and what it takes for a film to be shown on a 70′ screen.  We make sure that the resolution is proper, titles and special effects meet standard requirements,  legal is covered, etc.